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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Your weight serves as a physical, mental and emotional shield that protects you from what you can’t deal with or don’t know how to deal with things.

Step 1- Lose the weight first

The majority of your issues will be fixed or managed and the strength of your foundation will be developed, predicting what you think might happen creates an excuse not to try.

Step 2- Uncover or Discover what you use your weight for

· Physical- keeping people at arms length

· Mental- coping with uncomfortable or negative perceptions from others or yourself

· Emotional- stopping yourself from feeling painful events, tragedies or realities.

Step 3- Take over the responsibility

Change the mindset to accept the challenge of taking over your life. You begin doing what you are using your weight to do for you (ie. protection, escape, avoidance, etc.)

Step 4- Build a Life

As you let go of food, you have to take hold of life; begin hobbies, make friends, experience events, have courage/take risk, push the boundaries, create new interests, make changes, etc.

Stage 5- Have a reason (goal) to do it

The “carrot” goal will either be in front of you or behind you. Wherever it is, you will follow.

Stage 6- Continue with effort used while losing weight to keep the weight off

The same steps taken to lose weight are the same steps required to keep the weight off; be as diligent in maintenance as your were getting there. Habit builds the lifestyle!

“What you focus on, you will achieve. If you don’t like where you are…CHANGE THE FOCUS!”

Nichole Barras

Certified Personal Trainer

Behavior Modification Educator

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